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We created HomeBeat.Live to make change happen:

How can it be that in the 21st century, where we have our whole lives available on our smartphones, communication in residential buildings is still so backward?

Setting up HomeBeat.Live for your building is easy,
takes less than 10 minutes and is FREE of charge!

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Bruno Acar, founder & CEO HomeBeat.Live

Quality apartment buildings require innovative solutions which add value to these properties.

We project that digital platforms, as a part of the buildings' fixed infrastructure, will soon become the new norm, as they significantly improve the quality of life, communication and efficiency in these buildings.

Bruno Acar, founder & CEO HomeBeat.Live

HomeBeat.Live provides a simple and convenient way to digitise any residential community.


Meet the team

  • Bruno Acar

    Founder, CEO

    The great thing about this digital era is that people are empowered to drive change themselves!

  • Anton Skorokhod

    Founder, CTO

    HomeBeat.Live has been built, by residents for residents, on the most modern technology available today.

  • You?

    We're a team of six focussed on changing the quality of life in residential buildings.

    HomeBeat.Live is a BS-free zone, where we move fast, cultivate flat hierarchies & make things happen.

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