Barbecue Season

How to keep your party stress free

Barbecue season

With the first summer rays, the barbecue season is officially open! Enjoying good food in open air with friends is simply a treat. Make sure the party doesn't get spoiled by conflict with your neighbours with following tips.

A barbecue on the balcony – what's the story?

On the roof terrance, the balcony or the backyard there's always a spot to be found to have a party with friends. Barbecues and especially open fire on balconies and communal areas are subject to strict regulations. Safety must be guaranteed at all times and neighbours may not be impaired.

The barbecue type makes a difference

The smell of good food on the barbecue is hardly ever an issue. However the noise and especially smoke produced can well result in unpleasant discussions. We recommend you choose a gas grill over coal. If you use a gas grill (with lid) instead of a charcoal grill, the smoke and odor development is minimized.

Respect the house rules

Before you get started, have a look in the house rules. Often there are specific guidelines for barbecues. Avoid getting your party spoiled, use common sense and be considerate.

With HomeBeat.Live you can check your house rules directly from your smartphone or any recent web browser. The ability to access house rules straight away during an aggitated conversation helps in finding common ground rapidly and restore peace.

Inform your neighbours

Can inform your neighbours about your upcoming barbecue party with a quick post on HomeBeat.Live. A simple heads up raises the acceptance level for minor inconvenience. Offering neighbours the ability to reach out easily when they do feel impaired is much better than facing angry neighbours face to face.

Ultimately, the best tip to avoid stress with your neighbours is to simply invite them! Nobody will complain about a party they're enjoying themselves.

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