Energy costs increase +100% year-on-year

Inaction comes at a price

Oil price development during the corona pandemic

It hardly comes as a surprise : Where the Corona pandemic at first ensured that energy demand collapsed (we recall unprecedented negative oil futures prices in April 2020), today production simply cannot (or will not) keep pace with rising demand.

The result: rapidly increasing prices. These are already clearly noticeable in all classic energy forms: electricity, gas, fuel, etc. Get ready for at least +25% compared to last year. Yes, you read that correctly and it will get even worse if winter turns out a little more harsh or lasts longer than usual.

On July 31, 2021: "Gas storage facilities are well below average in Europe – The next gas crisis is looming."

What to do? In short: get moving! Compare prices actively and implement a change in supplier quickly. Today, those who concluded a new contract 10 months ago, with 24 months price guarantee, can well rub their hands! If you haven't, you're now officially late to the party. But let's be clear, remaining inactive longer will come at a sturdy cost.
Careful! Pay attention to the duration of the price guarantee and also to the solvency of the provider. Do not pay in advance. Some smaller providers, with guaranteed overly attractive prices, will likely go out of business.

On September 21, 2021: "Wholesale gas prices trade at five times higher than a year ago"


Oil prices are currently at about $ 70, trending towards $ 100. Wholesale gas prices are also going through the roof : currently up 450% compared to September 2020.

Gas index development during the Corona pandemic

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