Home Owner Association Meeting

How to make HOA-meetings run smoothly


At the Home Owners Association meeting (HOA), in addition to core topics such as the annual budget plan, many other important issues that affect the quality of life in the building are discussed. Following practical tips will help you organise your HOA meeting more efficiently and reduce frustration for all participants.

Communicate all year round & address issues straight away

A core problem of many HOAs: Although you live closely together throughout the year, apart from the obligatory greeting in the hallway, there's hardly any real communication. Instead, everything is collected and discussed once a year at the HOA assembly. This often results in lengthy meetings, sluggish problem solving or even worse, escalating conflicts. 

HomeBeat.live is quite different. The platform intrinsic to your building helps you to stay in touch all year round. Instead of carrying frustrations of an entire year concentrated to the HOA meeting, issues can now be addressed thoroughly, under calm and peaceful conditions.


In what colour should the façade be painted? Which plants for the garden? Instead of demanding a decision under time-pressure on the evening of the meeting, you can use HomeBeat.live throughout the year. Long before the assembly, owners can now discuss the planned measures in-depth with their co-owners and develop these to be resolution-ready. With good preparation, the approval during the meeting becomes a mere formality. The property management, which has to hold a large number of meetings in just a few months, will be highly appreciative.

Important: If you want to put a topic on the agenda, you must meet the deadline. Usually, spontaneously submitted suggestions can no longer be brought to the vote.

Announcing the date

In addition to the regular invitation by mail by your property management, the date should be marked in the HomeBeat.live calendar. It is very important that as many co-owners as possible attend the owners association meeting, as at least 50% of the co-ownership shares must be present (or at least be represented) for a valid vote. Otherwise a new appointment would have to be arranged and decisions postponed.

Making meeting protocols centrally available

The document area on HomeBeat.Live PRO is the perfect place to store HOA meeting protocols. When made easily accessible to all owners, it helps transparency overall and raise awareness of what's been decided. The integrated rights management assures that only authorised users (in this case owners) have access. Other documents like the house rules, cleaning rosters, insurance policy, etc. can be made centrally available to all.

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