HOA cost optimisation

Did you know you can easily save thousands of Euro?

HomeBeat.Live actively optimises your HOA cost structure.

Monitoring prices and comparing offers in property management is a time consuming activity that often suffers in the stress of daily activity. Make use of our specialists: we support your property manager and association council in assuring an optimal cost structure. To significantly reduce the monthly charges, so you don’t overpay.

If it doesn’t move the needle, it won’t cost anything.

In the first call, we will provide you with regional benchmark data so that you can verify immediately whether you are really paying too much. After reviewing your contracts and operational cost structure, we will provide you concrete alternative offers. The service is free of charge. Only when you actually save money do we charge, just once, 50% of the annual savings. Contact us now, it’s non-binding & 100% risk-free.

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