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What users say

  • Lucas B.

    The fact that I can notify both residents AND the property manager in one click is just brilliant! Makes reporting malfunctions easy.

    Lucas B.
  • Martina F.

    Ever since we use HomeBeat.Live we've grown from being strangers in the same building to real neighbours.

    Martina F.
  • Matteo R.

    It’s now much easier to arrange pick-up of DHL parcels which neighbours accept on my behalf. A simple HomeBeat.Live message does it.

    Matteo R.
  • Erdem S.

    Locked myself out. Luckily I had HomeBeat.Live with careful instructions on what to do. Saved me a lot of time and money!

    Erdem S.
  • Gerald M.

    That early notification about the garage exit being blocked, enabled me to arrange for a taxi in time. It saved my business meeting.

    Gerald M.
  • Manuela R.

    Communication has really improved in our building. Knowing I have everything at my fingertips brings me peace of mind.

    Manuela R.
  • Trixi N.

    Finding someone to take care of my darling cats and to water the plants while I'm away travelling, was never easier!

    Trixi N.
  • Rohit K.

    For safety, you need to be vigilant. It's a fantastic feeling, when you know your neighbours watch out for you.

    Rohit K.

 For private users

Tired of not knowing what’s going on in your building? Hard to get hold of service providers? Don’t know your neighbours? HomeBeat.Live is your private, contemporary platform to bring full transparency, create a vibrant community and a better run property. Have a look at the extensive feature list and user testimonials. And the best thing… it's free of charge. Start today!

 For owner communities

HomeBeat.Live renders the communication around your building fully transparent and enhances the service level. Freeing up more of your time for things that really matter. In our contemporary solution, data is always up to date and readily available. Set up informational procedures once, readily available for all current and future residents. Instruct residents what to do in emergency situations. Our reporting tools assist you to get the full picture on all the stats, to better plan ahead. Surveys help you to get community feedback easily on any topic.

 For property managers

HomeBeat.Live enables you to have all residents and owner data, always up to date, at your fingertips. Through transparency the platform will significantly reduce the number of duplicate incident reports and status inquiries, freeing up more of your time. Customer satisfaction will increase, substantially reducing the risk of losing contracts. Make easy and modern communication a real USP to your business.

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