For owner communities

A vibrant house-community and efficiently run property.

Build a real community

HomeBeat.Live makes communication in the building easy, encouraging people to interact, help and get to know each other. A strong community is a big plus to improve the quality of living. At the same time it also lowers the risk of conflict.


Through increased transparency, HomeBeat.Live reduces the workload for the property manager. Facing malfunctions and emergencies, order & normality gets restored much quicker, as all parties in the house are informed simultaneously.

Planning ahead

How many heating outages were registered last year? HomeBeat.Live offers a wealth of data to base future planning upon, enabling a better preparation for owner management meetings. It makes the meetings themselves more efficient and lengthy discussions can be avoided. Topics like house rules, security concepts, etc. can be discussed well in advance over the platform.

Easy communication

Reaching out to individuals, broader user groups like owners and residents or the property manager has never been easier.

Protected individuality

Every user can decide individually if and what information he or she wants to share with neighbours. Even people who refrain from sharing contact data entirely, are reachable over the platform.

Information readily available – 24/7

Make documents, like house rules, cleaning rosters, etc., centrally available for current and future residents and owners. House rules, cleaning rosters, etc. Avoid unnecessary repetitive inquiries and potential conflicts between old & new residents.

Your private portal

Set up your own portal and make it part of the standard building infrastructure, exclusively available to residents and owners. Relying on the property manger to provide a platform implies a complete loss of your digital infrastructure in case you ever want to switch to another provider.

Free of charge

HomeBeat.Live is free of charge. In case you want to further increase the service level we also provide a PRO version with additional features. Learn more about it here.

Privacy & security

We take privacy and security very seriously. We store all data in German datacenters and apply the highest possible security standards. Search engines like Google do not have access to the platform. Learn more on our privacy policy here.

Sounds good? Start today and try it out.