HomeBeat.Live exhibits on Deutsche Immobilientag 2018

Immobilientag 2018

BERLIN (30th May 2018) – HomeBeat.Live is proud to present on the PropTechOval at Deutscher Immobilientag 2018. The IVD organised event will take place in Hamburg on June 14th & 15th with special focus on digital solutions.

With over 2000 participants, the Deutsche Immobilientag provides an outstanding opportunity to engage with property managers and present our smart approach to drive digitalisation forward. Bruno Acar, CEO & founder HomeBeat.Live GmbH

About IVD

Representing real estate agents, property managers and experts alike, the IVD is committed to help shape a sustainable and well functionning real estate market. The association engages to ensure effective promotion of the profession and sound economical conditions for its members.

The IVD organizes the yearly "Deutschen Immobilientag", the largest and most prominent event in the Industry.

About HomeBeat.Live

HomeBeat.Live ® is a Berlin based PropTech Start-up, with focus on multi-family, residential real estate. The leading B2C solution empowers individuals to drive forward the long-overdue digitalisation of their home buildings – free of charge, without any technical knowledge and live within 10 minutes.

The cloud based platform is conceived as a mixture of well known services like Slack™, DropBox™, ZenDesk™, WhatsApp™, Doodle™ and FaceBook™ with purpose to serve the needs of a modern multi-family building.

With HomeBeat.Live, communication, transparency, cost and general efficiency are vastly improved. The platform empowers vibrant communities, 24/7 access to information and enhances safety in the building.

Asset holders gain data- and platform sovereignty. Related property managers obtain access to a powerful tool which supports their activities whilst increasing customer satisfaction. HomeBeat.Live provides a win-win situation to all stakeholders.

Homebeat.live GmbH was founded in 2016 by Bruno Acar and Anton Skorochod to ignite a new paradigm in property management. The freemium SAAS platform is currently available internationally, in over 9 languages, both as a web-application and as a mobile app.

Contact us on press@homebeat.live for more information.