HomeBeat.Live partners with 1NCE


BERLIN (25th July 2018) – At HomeBeat.Live we are committed to drive forward the digital transformation in real estate. There are immense gains to be achieved in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency affecting the daily lives of billions of people. Next to the evident “WHY” we need to spread the word on “HOW” for this to become reality in the near term. 1NCE is the first dedicated Narrowband IoT carrier for B2B applications enabling both existing and new common infrastructure in buildings to become smart.

HomeBeat’s knowledge and network into the home automation market is a great opportunity for 1NCE to address and enable a wealth of new use cases and applications in that field. Users want service providers that are eager to deploy more and more sensors to bring more comfort, security and efficiency.

Alexander Bufalino
Chief Sales Officer 1NCE
Alexander Bufalino

1NCE have simplified the ability to activate NB-IoT connectivity tremendously. Hence we are proud to advocate on their behalf towards a rapidly changing industry. From smart sensors, to smart elevators and heating systems.

Bruno Acar
Founder & CEO HomeBeat.Live
Bruno Acar

About 1NCE

1NCE is the first dedicated Tier 1, Narrowband IoT carrier providing fast, secure and reliable network connectivity for low data B2B applications. As a native IoT company, they offer a set of optimized product features – such as an IoT flat rate and the first of its kind 'BUY ONCE' lifetime fee - which are designed to enable growth in existing and new IoT markets. They aim to be the partner of choice for businesses who want to quickly deploy new IoT solutions and offer them easy onboarding and Tier 1 connectivity at unrivalled low prices.

In co-operation with partner and host network Deutsche Telekom AG, 1NCE provides transparent IoT connectivity across a vast number of territories with a special focus on Europe.

About HomeBeat.Live

HomeBeat.Live is the first freemium B2C solution which enables individuals to drive long-overdue digitalisation of the building in which they live – free of charge, without any technical knowledge and in less than 10 minutes.

HomeBeat.Live is like Slack™ for apartment buildings, enhanced with building-specific functionality to optimise communication, transparency and access to services in residential buildings. The platform enables strong and vibrant communities, 24/7 access to information, enhances efficiency and improves safety in the building. Intrinsic to the building, continued access to both data and platform is assured. Property managers gain access to a powerful tool to become visible in a positive manner whilst avoiding investments themselves.

Homebeat.live GmbH was founded end of April 2016 by Bruno Acar and Anton Skorochod and is currently active in Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.