Plans & pricing

HomeBeat.Live® (HBL) is free. It contains all functionality required to build an active community & significantly improve communication with the property manager. HBL-PRO provides additional features to further enhance the service level, such as a digital voting tool and rights based document management. Everything you need for a modern multi-family property at an affordable price.

Feature HomeBeat.Live HBL HomeBeat.Live PRO HBL-PRO
Pricing FREE 1 € *
Community &nsbp; &nsbp;
Messaging &nsbp; &nsbp;
Incident Mgmt &nsbp; &nsbp;
Emergency Mgmt &nsbp; &nsbp;
E‑mail Notification &nsbp; &nsbp;
App Push Notification &nsbp; &nsbp;
Digital Blackboard &nsbp; &nsbp;
Calendar &nsbp; &nsbp;
Free Automatic Updates &nsbp; &nsbp;
Document Management &nsbp;
Digital Voting &nsbp;
Annual Cost Optimisation &nsbp;
Data API / IoT (BETA) &nsbp;
Analytics & Reporting &nsbp;
Premium Support &nsbp;

* 1 € per apartment and month + VAT (in an annual subscription per building)