Plans & pricing

HomeBeat.Live® (HBL) is free. It contains all functionality required to build an active community & significantly improve communication with the property manager. HBL PRO provides additional features to further enhance the service level, such as rights based document management at an affordable price.

Feature HomeBeat.Live HBL HomeBeat.Live PRO HBL PRO
Pricing FREE 1 € *
Community &nsbp; &nsbp;
Messaging &nsbp; &nsbp;
Incident Mgmt &nsbp; &nsbp;
Emergency Mgmt &nsbp; &nsbp;
E-mail Notification &nsbp; &nsbp;
Digital Blackboard &nsbp; &nsbp;
Calendar &nsbp; &nsbp;
Document Management &nsbp;
Data API / IoT (BETA) &nsbp;
Analytics & Reporting &nsbp;
Premium Support &nsbp;

* 1 € per apartment and month + VAT (in an annual subscription per building)