Privacy policy

This privacy policy is part of the HomeBeat.Live User Agreement and describes in more detail how we handle privacy issues and data security.

If you have questions about our policies and practises, please contact us on

Data security and encryption. All data sent to and from the HomeBeat.Live platform is encrypted with TLS (Transport Layer Security), a modern version SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which prohibits any form of unauthorised access when data is transferred from one device to another. This widely accepted industry standard protects all data that is transferred between your computer and our web servers. Our servers are based in the EU and all data is stored in Germany, subject to german "Datenschutzgesetz", the most stringent privacy protection laws in Europe. Search engines, like Google, Bing, etc., DO NOT have access to the HomeBeat.Live platform.

Usage of personal data. We use your personal data with the sole purpose to offer you the best possible experience on HomeBeat.Live. In your account settings page, you may select which types of information you wish to disclose to peers in your building. Be assured that nobody outside your building’s environment has access to this information. You remain in full control of your data. Our support services only have access to your data to the extent to serve you and do their jobs. We NEVER pass personal data to third parties.

Cookies. HomeBeat.Live uses cookies. As an example, we use cookies to facilitate your login procedure, to remember your language settings. Whilst logged in for instance, it is used to remember which building you have selected, etc. We DO NOT use any third party cookies or Google Analytics inside the platform.