How it works

  • Incidents & emergencies

    Inform residents, owners, the property & facility manager with one click. Become more effective to master unpleasant events.

  • Easily contact people

    Contacting your neighbours was never easier. The data is always up to date and readily available, wherever you are.

  • Get to know your neighbours

    Learn more about your neighbours and what connects you. Each user can individually decide what he/she wants to share.

  • Private & group messages

    You can send fully private messages or have group discussions on any topic. You can even add people to an ongoing discussion.

  • Events calendar

    In the calendar all events can be listed. Maintenance works, summer parties, … everybody's informed.

  • General info at a glance

    Have all important contact data readily available in case of need. Click on any link and get connected to listed services.

  • Announcements & ads

    Get notified on all official announcements and easily find advertisements on helping each other out.

Your own Platform in three easy steps

HomeBeat.Live empowers a building's residents to create a real community and a better run property. It’s free so get started now.


Register with your name and e-mail. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail instantly. In case you received a reference code, simply enter it and get assigned directly to the right address.


For security reasons we need to check that you actually have a relation to the address you want to register at. If you’ve been invited by a registered user, this step is omitted.

Ready to go

After a successful verification by us or the inviting peer, you are ready to get started on the platform and set up your private account and apartment(s). If you’re this first person to register at a given address, you’ll be invited to initiate the building setup. An easy wizard guides you through it, it usually just takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t require any technical skills.

What users say

  • Lucas B.

    The fact that I can notify both residents AND the property manager in one click is just brilliant! Makes reporting malfunctions easy.

    Lucas B.
  • Martina F.

    Ever since we use HomeBeat.Live we've grown from being strangers in the same building to real neighbours.

    Martina F.
  • Matteo R.

    It’s now much easier to arrange pick-up of DHL parcels which neighbours accept on my behalf. A simple HomeBeat.Live message does it.

    Matteo R.
  • Erdem S.

    Locked myself out. Luckily I had HomeBeat.Live with careful instructions on what to do. Saved me a lot of time and money!

    Erdem S.
  • Gerald M.

    That early notification about the garage exit being blocked, enabled me to arrange for a taxi in time. It saved my business meeting.

    Gerald M.
  • Manuela R.

    Communication has really improved in our building. Knowing I have everything at my fingertips brings me peace of mind.

    Manuela R.
  • Trixi N.

    Finding someone to take care of my darling cats and to water the plants while I'm away travelling, was never easier!

    Trixi N.
  • Rohit K.

    For safety, you need to be vigilant. It's a fantastic feeling, when you know your neighbours watch out for you.

    Rohit K.


How do we make money?

Through advertising and offerings of relevant and local services such as locksmiths, cleaning, cheaper energy, etc.

Next to the standard FREE version, that delivers all functionality required to build an active community & assures a well-run building, we also offer a PRO version. Its additional features such as telephone support, analytics, API's for your property manager, etc. enhance the service level even further. You can go PRO for as little as 1 € (per month & apartment + VAT in a yearly subscription). Find out more here.

Is it private and secure?

We take privacy and security very serious. We store all data in German datacenter(s) and apply the highest possible security standards. The platform itself uses TLS encryption. We will NEVER pass your information to third parties without prior consent. In your user settings you can decide which information you disclose to your peers in the building. Search engines like Google do not have access to the platform. Read more on our Privacy policy.

How do I get my building started?

If you are the first person to successfully register at a specific address, you are granted super user rights. These rights allow you to administer your building on HomeBeat.Live. Don't worry, it's easy and no technical skills are required. Super user rights can later be transferred to one or more persons in the building.


  1. Define the buildings parameters such as floor levels, building sections, additional addresses, etc.
  2. Enter the e-mail addresses of the service people / property manager of your building, so that incidents and emergencies get sent to them automatically.
  3. Enter the general information text, with all critical information for the building. Most of the time that information can be found at the entrance of the building, published by your Property Manager.

Invite your fellow residents to join! A unique invitation code is created for you to distribute by e-mail. Residents which use the code during registration will be attributed automatically to your building.

Do I need approval?

Actually, no, you don't. Anyone who lives or owns in a building can start a new instance of HomeBeat.Live. It does not offset the existing communication methods that are established in your building. HomeBeat.Live just makes it easier and faster. The more people are in the system the better it will work. In the beginning Typically only 30% of all people in your building will sign up. That will grow over time as people discover the benefits.

What if the property manager doesn't want to join straight away? That's not a problem either, he'll still be notified on every incident and your fellow residents will still appreciate to be informed simultaneously. Property Managers can sometimes be a bit reluctant to change and innovation. But they too have a lot to gain from better communication. We are available to help you with that.

Eventually, it's you, the owners and residents that decide how you want to run your building. If that includes a powerful and contemporary communication platform, then the Property Manager will follow suit sooner or later.

Do I need to ask the owners council? No, you don’t. We do however encourage you to involve them in the process. The platform can really help to increase transparency on what’s going on in the building to better plan ahead and increase the service level. Better than talking about hypothetical pros and cons, just get started and find out if it works for your building.

How does sign-up work?
  1. You register & confirm your e-mail address. It usually takes less than one minute to arrive in your inbox.
  2. If you're the first person to register at an address, we'll ask you to send proof you really are a resident or owner there. You can do so by sending an image of the letterhead of a recent utilities invoice, or similar.
  3. If you've received an invitation, just follow the instructions, it takes about 5 minutes.

The platform is easy to use and self-explanatory. For convenience, a user introduction manual explains all features in detail.

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