Tangible added value for new construction projects

HomeBeat.Live is the groundbreaking digital platform for residential properties. Discover the many intelligent functions that create relevant added value when bringing new construction projects to market.

  • Simplified communication between property management, buyers and developers
  • Investment value protected through future-proof infrastructure
  • Boost quality of life in buildings with innovative technology
  • Individual apartment requirements efficiently organised
  • Report on construction progress with minimal effort
  • Satisfied customers strengthen your brand and your success

Exceed home-buyers’ and residents’
expectations with HomeBeat.Live

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Bruno Acar, founder & CEO HomeBeat.Live

Quality apartment buildings require innovative solutions which increase the value of these properties.
We project that digital platforms, as a part of the buildings' fixed infrastructure, will soon become the new norm, as they significantly improve the quality of life, communication and efficiency in these buildings.

Bruno Acar, founder & CEO HomeBeat.Live

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  • Your goal is 100% satisfied buyers, today and for the future?
    HomeBeat.Live protects your customers' investment and underpins your commercial success by exceeding expectations.
  • You want powerful arguments to strengthen your project's proposition?
    HomeBeat.Live simplifies the communication during the construction phase and facilitates vibrant communities from day one.
  • You want to fully capture the opportunities of digitalisation?
    The intelligent features of HomeBeat.Live significantly increase the quality of life in the building. Make smart use of this compelling competitive advantage.
  • Are you looking for a solution to deal with problems during commissioning?
    HomeBeat.Live is the effective interface between owners, developers and property managers.

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