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HomeBeat.Live is different from typical portal solutions. It's entirely run by the buildings' community, freeing you from investment and management requirements.

  • Obtain access to a powerful tool without management overhead
  • Make quality-service visible via simplified communication
  • Get more structure in your day by reducing the need for calls
  • Data privacy in accordance with stringent German regulations
  • Make modern communication a strong USP to win new business
  • Get ahead with digitalisation fast without any investment burden

Simply suggest HomeBeat.Live
to the owner councils of your buildings.
They will be amazed by its possibilities.

Digitalisation is both a challenge and an opportunity. HomeBeat.Live offers you a smart way to get ahead easily, without any overhead nor investment. The innovative building-centric platform will excite your customers and help you save a lot of valuable time. Duplicate incident notifications and phone calls will be significantly reduced whilst greatly improving customer satisfaction. Make easy and modern communication an effective USP to your business.

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Bruno Acar, founder & CEO HomeBeat.Live

We project that digital platforms, as a part of the buildings' fixed infrastructure, will soon become the new norm, as they significantly improve the quality of life, communication and efficiency in residential buildings.

Property managers can reap the benefits of this new trend by simply introducing and supporting them.

Bruno Acar, founder & CEO HomeBeat.Live

HomeBeat.Live PRO is always free for property managers

  • Less calls & e‑mails

    Reduce the number of inbound calls and e‑mails. Through HomeBeat.Live you enable a high level of transparency, informing all parties simultaneously. Deduplication of reported incidents and status inquiries enables your staff to focus on getting more done.

  • Ticketing system

    HomeBeat.Live logs all communication around the clock and structures tasks. It reduces the pressure on the property manager and leads to a more efficient work structure. The facility manager is perfectly informed on where attention is needed.

  • Easy communication

    Reaching out to individuals, broader user groups like owners and residents has never been easier. With just a few clicks you can post calendar events, notices and distribute documents.

  • A strong community

    HomeBeat.Live makes communication in the building easy, encouraging people to interact, help and get to know each other. A strong community is a big plus to improve the quality of living and reduce the level of conflict in the building.

  • Happy employees

    Managing properties means non-stop stress? Provide your employees with a powerful tool to communicate efficiently and become more appreciated for all the work they do. It will improve customer satisfaction and lead to a healthier work environment.

  • Protect your contracts

    Satisfied customers are the best possible protection for your existing contracts. Invest in transparency and make your work visible. Become an appreciated and irreplaceable part of the house community.

  • Win new business

    Be perceived as modern and efficient. Transparency, easy access to data, and communication via smartphone, has become a basic expectation of your clients. Make convenient and modern communication a real USP to attract new business.

  • Free of charge

    HomeBeat.Live is free of charge for both yourself and your clients. In case you want to increase the service level further we also provide a PRO version with additional features. HBL-PRO is paid for by the owners / HOA.
    Learn more about it here.

  • Private & secure

    We take privacy and security very seriously. We store all data in German datacenters and apply the highest possible security standards. Search engines like Google do not have access to the platform (Learn more on our privacy policy here).

Find out how HomeBeat.Live can support your business. We'll gladly provide advise and personal assistance to get started.

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