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HomeBeat.Live empowers a building's owners & residents to create a real community and a better run property. It’s free so get started now.

What users say

  • Lucas B.

    The fact that I can notify both residents and the property manager in one click is just brilliant! Makes reporting malfunctions easy.

    Lucas B.
  • Kai G.

    We switched from a simple WhatsAppTM group to HomeBeat. It's simply a great tool and much more fitting to our needs in the building.

    Kai G.
  • Martina F.

    The cost optimisation service HomeBeat.Live now provides has saved us over 5.000 €. Highly recommended!

    Martina F.
  • Matteo R.

    It’s now much easier to arrange pick-up of DHL parcels which neighbours accept on my behalf. A simple HomeBeat.Live message does it.

    Matteo R.
  • Erdem S.

    Locked myself out. Luckily I had HomeBeat.Live with careful instructions on what to do. Saved me a lot of time and money!

    Erdem S.
  • Gerald M.

    That early notification about the garage exit being blocked, enabled me to arrange for a taxi in time. It saved my business meeting.

    Gerald M.
  • Manuela R.

    Communication has really improved in our building. Knowing I have everything at my fingertips brings me peace of mind.

    Manuela R.
  • Trixi N.

    Ever since we use HomeBeat.Live we've grown from being strangers in the same building to real neighbours.

    Trixi N.
  • Rohit K.

    For safety, you need to be vigilant. It's a fantastic feeling, when you know your neighbours watch out for you.

    Rohit K.


Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars

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