Building set-up

Defining the structure of your building

As a super user you can define the structure of your building. This data is required to define the correct location of each apartment. For instance: Apartment Clarence – Miller, located in the East Wing, on the 4th floor.

Example 1:

Your bulding has one entrance and 5 floors. Simply check the box „Levels“ and add: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 as separate numbers (you may also define floors in text form: Ground floor, 1st floor, whichever is appropriate). The building set-up should then look like this:

Example 1

Example 2:

Your building has a main building and 2 side wings accesible through the courtyard. The main building has 7 floors, the side wings respectively 4 and 5. The building set-up shoud look like this:

Example 2

Note: In essence you are here defining the set of variables residents can select from when defining the location of their apartment. You can see what it looks like when defining your own apartment.

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