Digital Voting

Decision making made easy!

The digital voting module allows you to make decisions fast and easy. As a system-admin you can set up votings to a dedicated audience with various parameters.

Digital voting made easy

Admins can create votings, with various parameters for specific audiences. Please note that “Voting set-up” first needs to be finalised, in oder to hold weighted votings. Voting-setup can be found in section “Building”.

When creating a voting, a wizard will guide you through each step. Votings can initally be saved as “draft”, only visible to and editable by admins. Once “published” they will become visible to the defined audience.

Following parameters can be adjusted for each voting until the defined voting window opens:

  • Audience: defines who can vote. You can select “owners”, “residents”, “owners & residents” or define a specific set of users.
  • Voting options: defines the options which participants to a voting can select. Default options are “yes”, “no” and “withhold”. All options can be freely modified and extended. Multiple selections however are not possible.
  • Vote weighting: You can select, “1 vote per unit”, “1 vote per participant” or “weighted” by represented share (weight) of a unit.
  • Visibility of the voting: You can define who gets to see the existence of a vote in the system. “Admins and the selected audience” are the default. It can however be extended to “owners” or even “everyone in the building”.
  • Outcome visibility: You can define who can see the result of a voting. Again, “admins & the selected audience” are the default. Extendable to “owners” and “everyone in the building”.
  • Individual vote transparency: You can render a voting “anonymous”: No details on how was voted individually will be disclosed. Alternatively by selecting “open at close” all individual votes will be visible. When selecting “full open” individual voting behaviour will even be visible during the voting window.
  • Voting time-window: You can define a starting and ending time for each vote. Starting immediately or any time in the future.

Please note: Votes can be modified by any admin until published and the voting time-window has started. Afterwards they can no longer be altered.

Questions on logic & security:

How can I apply a filter so that only certain units can vote? "Select "Apply a units filter” in step 2/8, select the units it concerns and then select whether the "owners" and/or "residents" should vote. On the summary page, the selected units are displayed.

What happens if you have 2 owners in an apartment and both cast a vote in a vote by unit weight? The last vote cast is the one representing the unit.

What happens if you have owners and residents in a unit and you attribute “1 Vote per unit” with audience "owners & residents"? Again, the last vote cast is the one representing the unit (regardless if that person is owner or resident).

Can votes be manipulated or altered afterwards? No. Once the voting window of published vote has started, no changes can be made. The system stores the static result of the vote, including voting weight etc.

Tip: To add documents to a vote (PDF, Images, etc.) Add those as the first comment before publishing.

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