Settings & profile

Individualise the platform to your needs

Click on your user pictogram, your name or menu icon in the upper right corner to open an extended menu where you can set up your profile & personalise your settings.

Your user account & profile

Any information in your profile can be individually tagged as private or public. You always have complete control over your data. Take advantage of the opportunity to build a lively community and enable a positive exchange. We recommend you use your real name and upload a recent profile picture to facilitate recognising each other.

Your public profile, as other users will see it, can easily be checked in the user directory. Even if you refrain from sharing any information, you will always remain connected & reachable over the platform.

Note: Service users have limited access: they only see profile picture, name, status & apartment.

Your settings

The platform is always up to date. In addition, you can receive e‑mail and/or push messages via the mobile app when new information is available. Settings can be fully modified to your personal preferences. For each type of information, you can activate or deactivate the notification or, for example, hide the subsequent comments. We recommend in any case to activate personal messages & emergencies.

Furthermore there's a summary email which bundles the total activity in one message. Per default you will receive the e‑mail once per week (on Sunday morning). You can adjust the frequency according to your preferences (daily, bi-weekly, etc.). The e‑mail can suspended if there are no new posts.

Lastly there are also irregular info e‑mails. For instance to inform on new functions on the platform or on special offers.

Tip: You have apartments in several buildings? Simply activate your preferred settings across multiple buildings.

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