Vattenfall – Limited Sponsorship Offer

BERLIN (1st January 2019) – Please find here the terms of the limited sponsoring offer by Vattenfall: Get HomeBeat.Live PRO for free for one year.

Validity. The offer is available from 01.01.2019 to 31.12.2019. During this period the offer can be accepted and is valid for one year from the beginning of the contract. The offer is limited to buildings in the Federal Republic of Germany and which at the time of conclusion of the contract with HomeBeat.Live (hereinafter referred to as "HBL") have an uncanceled electricity and/or gas contract with Vattenfall.

Process. If there is a valid and uncancelled Vattenfall contract for their building, existing admin users of HomeBeat.Live (free version) or HomeBeat.Live PRO may apply for a Vattenfall sponsorship for their building by filling out the respective online form. A Vattenfall sponsorship implies that Vattenfall will cover the cost of the HomeBeat.Live PRO licence of the said building for one year. furthermore Vattenfall will appear on the homepage of the said building for the duration of the sponsorship.

Discretion. Both approval and rejection of the sponsorship are entirely at the discretion of Vattenfall Real Estate Energy GmbH and GmbH. Legal recourse is prohibited.

Approval / Rejection. Upon approval, the building is automatically upgraded to HomeBeat.Live PRO for the duration of one year. Vattenfall covers the fee for the usage of HomeBeat.Live PRO for the said period on behalf of the client for the specific building. When rejected, HomeBeat.Live will provide feedback to the applicant.

Continuation. At the end of the sponsorship period, the client's licence will be automatically downgraded to the default free version unless the client continues the PRO licence at his own expense. As a Vattenfall customer, the client receives a 30% discount on list price.

Availability. The Vattenfall sponsorship offer is limited and can be discontinued at any time. Approved sponsorships will continue until the end of their respective term.

Data privacy. HomeBeat.Live will pass data provided in the application form to Vattenfall for the sole purpose of validating the application.